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Diabetes, Incorporated
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Our Mission
Diabetes, Incorporated provides and facilitates quality education and services for and on behalf of the diabetic community.

Diabetes Incorporated

Family & Friends & Fun

March 03, 2018

Diabetic Youth

All diabetic youth, family and friends are invited to attend a networking group gathering on March 03, 2018.  Also invited are your friends, family  and siblings (also known as Type 3 diabetics) to attend with you.  

Check out our website at www.diabetesincorporated.org for further details.

What: Movie and Pizza and maybe Ice Skating (if interested

When:   March 3, 2018

Where: Elks Theatre located at 512 6th St., 

Rapid City, SD

Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 noon

Other: Please rsvp at 341-1273 or by email to diabetesinc@qwestoffice.net  or message on FaceBook at Diabetes Incorporated 


Outlaw Ranch, Custer, SD
August 10-12, 2018

CAMP is held in the beautiful Black Hills at Outlaw Ranch with meals provided (please request special dietary needs with registration). Camp will kick off with registration at 4:00PM on Friday, 8/12/16 with dinner served at 5:30. Also on the agenda: (1) paint guns, (2) horse back riding, (3) canoeing, (4) crafts, (5), Dance, (6) Outdoor Sports, (7) Bingo, and much, much more.

Our knowledgeable camp staff of medical professionals and enthusiastic volunteers will include doctors, psychologists, diabetic educators and dietitians. This wonderful group of individuals will be available to provide assistance and consultation on diabetes management and how to cope with the day to day problems.

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All DIABETIC children attend Kamp for Kids FREE and One Parent/Guardian attends FREE of charge. With the generosity of various service clubs, corporations, individuals and fundraising this financial assistance has been made possible. A parent or a prearranged, adult sponsor must accompany each diabetic child. Other family members are welcome. 

Registration deadline is 7/15/18. Registrations will be accepted until camp is full, however they may be charged a late fee of $25.00 for each attendee. 

Raffle tickets are available for fund- raising. Please contact us if you would like to have additional raffle tickets to sell to support your participation at camp. 

Scholarships are available for guardians, & siblings (Type 3s). Please submit a letter request with your registration packet or email.

 if you are interested in receiving
additional information regarding our family diabetes camp.

Taste of Caring
November 10, 2018

Donations needed - Stay tuned for further details

Please consider a donation to our foundation account through the Black Hills Community Foundation.  Please click on the following button to donate now!

Diabetes, Incorporated is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations made to Diabetes, Incorporated are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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                                  Our Mission
Diabetes, Incorporated provides and facilitates quality education and services for and on behalf of the diabetic community.

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