Scholarship's Objective:
To recognize and reward students who have made an extraordinary contribution to their community and/or high school through community service and extracurricular activities.  Scholarships this year are awarded in memory to Kris Sanders, Daniel Silvernail and Micah Jerde.

Each year Diabetes, Incorporated will award at least one $1,000 Scholarship. The scholarships will be split between the Spring and Fall semesters and will be given directly to institution to defray the costs of higher education. Prior year recipients may reapply annually. Diabetes, Incorporated may choose to offer additional scholarships based on the applications, funds available and need.

High school senior students who plan to continue their education beyond high school or students who are currently continuing their education beyond the high school level. Applicants must either have diabetes or have an immediate family member who has diabetes and a family member must be a current Diabetes, Incorporated member. Membership dues are $10 per year and the year period runs from July through June and can be paid anytime during the year. To be considered for a scholarship however, membership dues must be paid prior to the scholarship deadline of April 15.  Membership dues can be included with your scholarship application or paid on-line through our donations tab:  

 Only applicants who complete the application in its entirety are eligible. Preference will be given to applicants who have been past participants and/or volunteers of our Kamp for Kids and/or Diabetes Incorporated.

Membership Dues is $10.00 per fiscal year and can be paid through our website through the Donations tab above or mailed to Diabetes Incorporated, PO Box 9368, Rapid City, SD  57709.

For the school year 2018-2019, applications should be received no later than April 15, 2018. Applications received after
April 15th will be processed for the following year's program. All applicants will be notified by mail. After September 16th a listing of scholarship winners will be posted on this website.

Scholarship Applications are available as follows:

Scholarship Application - Click Here
Diabetes, Incorporated
PO Box 9368
Rapid City, SD 57709-9368
Deanna Smith (605)341-1273
Fax: (605)342-5887

Information provided by applicants for the Diabetes Incorporated Community Scholarship, including name and address information, is used solely for the purpose of selecting and contacting the scholarship awardees. Scholarship winners agree to be featured on the Diabetes Incorporated web page and newsletter and provide their photos for this purpose.

Past Scholarship Winners:
2017 Fall/ 2018 Spring Semester
Mason Kaup - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Kaitlin Slusher - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Nathan Patterson- Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Alex Aman
Angie McDonnell
Tyler Zuschlag
Jonathan Mayer

2016 Fall/ 2017 Spring Semester
Patrick Yantes - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Jack Chapman Rowan - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Sara Carnahan- Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Alex Aman
Angie McDonnell
Jillian Duffield
Alexis Kozlik
Heather Luedke
Emily Laughed

2016 Fall/ 2016 Spring Semester
Morgan Lowenberg - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Nathan Patterson - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Patrick Yantes- Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Trynity Robertson
Wyatt Johnson
Lexi Mathis
Avery Johnson
Eric Setka
Jarrett Ratliff
Brianne Mettler
Dana Martensen

2014 Fall/ 2015 Spring Semester
Danielle Porter - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Wyatt Johnson - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Avery Johnson - Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Patrick Yantes
Trynity Robertson
Alex Lewis
Matt Mayer
Madison Mclaughin

2013 Fall/ 2014 Spring Semester
Jon McDonnell - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Nathan Patterson - Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Wyatt Johnson - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Rylae Wientjes
Austin Joachim
Lauren McDonald
Alexandra Hammerquist
Becca Waldrop
Patrick Yantes
Sean Nelson
Cassandra Keller

2012 Fall/ 2013 Spring Semester
Lauren McDonald - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Wyatt Johnson - Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Rylae Wientjes - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Jon Ramsey
Jon McDonnell
Sam Aman
Alexandra Hammerquist
Amanda Kammerer

2011 Fall/ 2012 Spring Semester
Lauren McDonald - Kris Sanders Scholarship
Cassondra Keller - Daniel Silvernail Scholarship
Amanda Kammereren 
Ashten Rombough - Micah Jerde Scholarship
Jordon McDonald
Honorable Mention Scholarships($150)
 - Erik Sargent, Mitchell Seibert, Malorie Solus

2010 Fall/ 2011 Spring Semester
Jason Wetsch
Jordon McDonald
Erika Holzer

2009 Fall/ 2010 Spring Semester
Jason Wetsch
Jordon McDonald
R. Matthew Cline

2008 Fall/2009 Spring Semester
Marah Johnson
Heather Dykes
Jason Wetsch
Jordon McDonald
Sarah Yourman

2007 Fall/2008 Spring Semester
Laura Johnson

2007 Spring Semester
Laura Johnson

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